What are you able to track with your law firm marketing campaigns?

October 23, 2017

Internet marketing companies campaigns

Well there’s a handful of things that we or most Internet marketing companies can track and then there are some things that we can’t.

So let’s start with the things that we can track. Whatever tools that we’re using online there’s typically data associated with those things that we can track so.

For example, if we’re managing social media we can track things such as growth of your social media audience of how many people saw a post like how many people did what you’re doing on social media reach, which is kind of like getting exposure.

If you’re sending out an email newsletter how many people opened it, how many people clicked on a link and things like that so there is data that’s associated and obviously if you have contact forms on your Web site we can know if someone filled those out.

Typically we set those up to come to the clients that you’re going to know anyway. The things that’s kind of a little bit harder for us to track is things like are you booking more appointments? Are you getting more referrals? And one of my favorites is, are you actually finding it easier to sell or to close with prospects?

These are the things that’s really up to the marketing companies clients to kind of have a pulse on their firm internally.

For example, if someone’s been getting your newsletter for six months and they call you because they have a referral for you they’re not going to call you and say hey, I’ve been getting your newsletter, it’s great.

That’s why I’m referring to you. No! You know, but what you can know is that you got a referral from this person and you can also know whether or not they had been receiving your newsletter and you certainly know that that at least helped the process.

So it’s important to know that there’s certain data and things that we can track and then there’s certain things that it’s really going to be important that internally you know where your clients are coming from and you kind of know what your numbers are in terms of appointments, percentage of prospects that actually turn into clients and things like that and really then to get together with your marketing company and kind of analyze both of what you guys have together to try to put together what’s working and what’s not.


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