Learn how you can create online social media marketing campaigns

January 16, 2016

online social media marketing campaignsLearn how you can create online social media marketing campaigns and produce double digit sales!

Watch the video below and discover an easy way to implement social media campaigns and get great results from them.

Many interesting details are revealed in it, and the best of all, you can watch over Richard Averitte´ shoulder to learn easily the thecniques applied.

Richard Averitte discusses in detail how he created successful online social media marketing campaigns for a mid-size restaurant group that produced double digit sales increases.

Richard will take you though the campaign from how he originated the idea for the campaign to how he tracked the results.

“I’m excited to be a guest presenter and share practical, how-to advice with other business owners and entrepreneurs,” said Averitte.

“Savvy Social Mastermind is a great way to reach the small business community and executives who otherwise might not be able to afford quality and experienced social media experts.”

Richard is the owner-operator of Good Vibrations Consulting , a marketing firm that helps a wide variety of business and startups achieve their marketing goals through public relations , social media content and event planning.

Richard has combined 20 years experience from the marketing and hospitality industry, a seasoned veteran who has orchestrated a number of successful marketing campaigns.

I wish you find this information about creating online social media marketing campaigns useful.

Visit www.goodvibrationsconsulting.com for more information.

Video: online social media marketing campaigns

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online social media marketing campaigns