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February 5, 2016

Social Media Campaigns | Coalition TechnologiesHow can you create and manage successful social media campaigns?  There are many answers to that question but in this article you will find the main ingredients for that.

User engagement along with likes and followers on social media are critical to your company’s success.

Additionally, businesses that leverage their base of followers have a key advantage in the marketplace. These strategies can provide additional sales tools for businesses to create cross-market partnerships.

Social platforms are beginning to offer conversion tracking and subsequently, there is an increasingly larger goal of delivering such metrics by various social networks.

That is why Social Media Campaigns have become a must to make companies succeed.


Social media is beginning to have a large impact on search engine optimization. Search engines are putting larger emphasis on user engagement through various social media platforms. There is a lot of referral traffic that is associated with social media platforms.

social media campaigns processSOCIAL MEDIA AND PPC

The various social media and PPC platforms can work together for your benefit. For example, StumbleUpon has a great PPC platform for masking organic content and driving traffic to sites. Twitter recently rolled out their PPC platform.

Our reporting will include an in-depth analysis of how social media can be utilized to your benefit and will track the impact it has on your search engine optimization efforts.

Our social media services include the following strategies:

Initial Audience Report

We find the “who/what/where” of your target audience via websites they frequent/interact with and the “genres” of websites that they avoid.

Opportunities and Targets Report

We’ll figure out which opportunities influence your consumer base to tap into their target demos throughout the project.

Social Calendar Creation

This would map out the entire year with certain events/holidays in mind. Even considerations, such as the new television season and the super bowl, would factor into this analysis.

The benefits of this phase are enormous. Instead of shooting in the dark, we provide precise social media implementations, which win clients for you.

We also offer these social media add-ons:

Facebook Promotional campaigns: This can take the form of user-generated content campaigns and other such measures.

Reputation Management: Creating a more positive perception, but also increasing general brand awareness.

Contact Coalition Technologies for a consultation from our team of social media experts. We look forward to personalizing your brand across social media networks.

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All you need to have successful Social Media Campaigns.

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- 3 Years ago

Ӏf you put together thе right campaign, Facebook can be tremеndously rewardingg to both you and your
customers. 8 % of Smartphone users accesѕed social networking sites through theіr mobile browser,
which is an increase of 8. – Vkontakte has gott tthe greatest collection of video
clips, as much as 150 hundred traiing videos are got
Ԁay to day.

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