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January 7, 2016

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Social Networking Explained – Where To Put The X w/ guest Christine Bowen

We understand social…. as in social media, social events, social platforms. And we understand networking…. as in network marketing, network media, network computers etc.

But what is Social Networking?????

We may think we know what it is, but join me on Wednesday where +Christine L Bowen will explain to us what Social Networking is. And more than just understanding it, come get the know how to apply it and master it.

Who is Christine L. Bowen?

Christine L Bowen has over 25 years of combined experience in the areas of visual communication, professional networking, and personal development. Drawing from this experience,

Christine is dedicated to serving as a creative consultant to heart centered entrepreneurs — especially within the Network Marketing industry — who desire to achieve a higher level of excellence in business & in life.

When people connect with her, they are empowered to apply the principles of The Create.Live.Be™ Philosophy — Your Reality… Create It with Vision, Live It thru Action, Be It as a Result — allowing them to truly experience the lifestyle they were designed to live.

Come and learn how to take your social media efforts to new heights with Christine and I on *Wednesday September 24th at 2PM EST*

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Remember – *The Answer To Why, Is X*

Video: Social Networking Explained

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