Top Social Media Management Tools

January 7, 2016

social media managementSocial media management is a very important skill that any social media manager has to learn.

On this video you will find some of the best Social Media Management Tools explained in a very simple way..

1. Edit Flow

Having EditFlow in your collection helps you manage your team effectively. You can take snapshots of your monthly content with the calendar feature.

It boasts new and improved content status beyond WordPress’ defaut template and groups can help their writers organized by department or function. Business owners with websites who use multiple authors for their content should give EditFlow a try. It truly makes management easier and documented.

2. Checkthis.com

This website enables you to create a one-page website with minimal effort because it’s so easy. No need to hire web designers and web developers who cost an arm and a leg HOURLY. Take a look at checkthis.com for your purposeful website needs.

3. Bufferapp.com

One of the most useful tools for social media managers is bufferapp. It works by scheduling your content and posts it on your Twitter or Facebook stream at regular intervals to prevent flooding.

This is incredibly handy because no one wants an account that floods his or her news stream.

4. HootSuite HootSuite is use to manage social media content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Ping.fm and WordPress profiles. It helps you to schedule messages, keep track of all the streams, and measure your performance.

5. TweetLevel

TweetLevel allows you to search for specific hastags, helping you to compile insights on who to follow based on their conversations with other people. Upon finding someone to follow, TweetLevel allows you to measure his or her social influence on his or her followers.

You can also use it to analyze the hype around certain topic to determine if it’s something worth delving more into. This tool will help you monitor campaigns and determine where in the conversation the problem is, if any. It helps you gauge who to follow for his or her social influence.

Social Media Management Tools are escential for your social media management and to find the optimal results for your effords.

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